Terms of use of website www.kombo.lv

Anyone who uses (hereinafter referred to as the User) data processing services and the information published on the website www.kombo.lv (hereinafter referred to as the kombo.lv) must comply with the following terms and conditions:

1. General information search and viewing on kombo.lv is available to the User without registration and free of charge.

2. Access to certain information on the interest in entity of natural persons is offered to registered users only.

3. User registration and login to kombo.lv is made possible with an e-mail address or Facebook or Google account. The uniqueness of the kombo.lv user is determined by the e-mail address used (also applies for e-mail address used for Facebook and Google authorization).

4. During registration with an e-mail address a link to the kombo.lv user registration form will be sent to the user.

5. Access to full information (historical data, marital agreements, insolvency proceedings and commercial pledge information) is a paid service.

6. Kombo.lv does not offer the option to cancel the purchased subscription and the paid subscription fee will not returned to the User. Kombo.lv recommends purchase of 24-hour subscription as trial plan first before purchasing subscription for longer period. If the user finds gaps or inconsistencies in the information published by kombo.lv, he is asked to inform the administration using the contact form.

7. Kombo.lv user access credentials must not be transferred or disclosed to third parties, they may only be used by the person that registered them. A registered kombo.lv user is obliged to ensure that his access credentials are not stored in public access computer web browsers.

8. In case the registered user of kombo.lv has established that the access details have become available to third parties (or if there is reason to believe that this has happened), the User is obliged to change the password using the kombo.lv password change procedure.

9. Kombo.lv user access credentials can be changed, or a lost password can be reset only by the user himself, using relevant routine. Kombo.lv personnel do not administer user access data.

10. If the information requested by the user from public domain registers contains natural persons data, from the moment of receiving this information, the recipient of the information is responsible as a controller for his or her further activities with personal data. The user is obliged to observe that the received personal data may be used only for the protection of his / her legitimate interests, to process them in such a way as to ensure adequate security of personal data, as well as not to unlawfully disclose personal data obtained in this service.

11. All information published on kombo.lv is protected by copyright. By using the information obtained from kombo.lv, the User undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Processing Law, Copyright Law and other relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia

12. The content and amount of data re-used by kombo.lv from public domain registers maintained by Register of Enterprises and State Revenue Service does not exceed the provisions of the regulations for the re-use of mentioned open data. Kombo.lv republishes information automatically, without editing it, in the same amount for all data subjects. If the discrepancy of the published information is established, please report it to the kombo.lv administration using the contact form.

13. The user is prohibited from using for any purpose the selection, retrieval, copying or other data processing operations of the data published in kombo.lv, which are performed automatically without the use of command tools displayed in the user interface. The user must not act against the integrity and security of the system and the information available in it. In case of violations, kombo.lv has the right to block the User's access to kombo.lv and terminate the provision of services.

14. When quoting or referring to information obtained from kombo.lv, the User must specify the source of information: www.kombo.lv.

15. Failure to comply with these terms and / or obtaining the right to use kombo.lv on behalf of third parties or using third party access credentials will be considered as a deliberate intrusion into the kombo.lv data system.

16. In case the User does not agree with any of the clauses of these terms, the User is prohibited from using kombo.lv services. In case of any doubts about the terms of use of kombo.lv or the information available on kombo.lv, the user must contact kombo.lv for clarification.

17. The data and information provision services published by kombo.lv are for reference purposes only, kombo.lv is not responsible for the decisions and actions taken by the User based on the data and information received by kombo.lv.

18. During registration kombo.lv User must read and confirm consent to kombo.lv Privacy Policy.

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